Meeting Point (Bible Study)

MEETING POINT – formerly Bible Study Group

Contact: Madge Irving :: 01292 442963

Perhaps you have never been part of a Bible Study Group.  You may feel awkward about joining one.  You may imagine the folk there will know all the answers to questions relating to God, Jesus and the Bible.  The truth is that, while we may know a little, we’d like to learn more.

How do we do this in Alloway Parish Church?

We are a small group, open to anyone, who gather together to read and study a specific part of the Bible.  Although small, the group it is very important to each member.  We meet on about six occasions during the winter session, from September to May.

The meeting place is a place where we can share our thoughts about what we read in the Bible, where we can experience support when we need it, take part in discussion or simply listen.

We use a study guide which, as well as having questions in it, also has notes to help us understand what we read.  Then hopefully we can put it into practice in our own lives.

Would you like to join us?  You’ll find us in the Church Hall Lounge, at 7.30 pm. Watch the Newsletter and Sunday Intimations for dates of meetings.  You will be made most welcome.