Organisations and Activities Overview with Contacts

Our parishioners participate in many activities.

Please feel free to browse through the menu of organisations and activities. We are sure that there will be something there that will be of interest to you.

Contact names are provided.
Organisation highlighted in blue have links to web page with further information. Click on the highlighted organisation name.

Our church halls are used by many different groups throughout the month. The schedule of events and contact names are provided below.

To book the use of the Church Halls, please contact
Mrs Jean Kerr (01292} 441899

Organisations, Activities and Contacts

Alloway After School ClubMon. - Fri.Term-timeMs. M. Orsi(07955) 744288
Alloway and Southern Ayrshire
Family History Society
Tuesday3rd Tuesday of each Month7.45 - 9.45 pmMrs. B. Finlay(01292) 443324
Alloway SingersThursdayAs required7.30 pmMrs. Shona Mitchell(01292) 442676
Alloway WRI ChoirTuesdayAs required1.30 - 2.45 pmMrs. Olwen Begg(01292) 265954
Ayr Flower Club CommitteeThursday1st Thursday of each month7.00 - 10.00 pmMrs. V. Jackson(01292) 478671
Ayr Music ClubSaturdayAs requiredMrs. Jean Stewart(01292) 441393
Ayrshire Rock Garden SocietyWednesday2nd Wednesday of each month7.30pmMrs. A. Leach(01292) 441883
Ayrshire Tat and Chat LaceSaturday2nd Saturday of each month10.00 - NoonMrs. Irene Lewis(01292) 570663
Badminton ClubMonday
Weekly1.30 - 3.00 pm
8.30 - 10.00 pm
1.30 - 3.00 pm
Mrs. Rene Andrews
Mr. John Lamont
Mrs. Rene Andrews
(01292) 445280
(01292) 442056
(01292) 445280
CosyCoffeeHouseSundayLast Sunday of each month7.00 - 9.00 pmMrs. Julie Griffiths(01292) 443867
Mini-Intro Singing GroupSundayAs required10.45 - 11.15 amMrs. Julie Griffiths(01292) 443867
OIR Drawing and Art ClassTuesday
Weekly10.00 - Noon
1.30 - 3.30 pm
10.00 - Noon
1.30 - 3.30 pm
Mr. Bill Kerr
Ms. Carol Hayes
Ms. Ann Mott
Ms. J. McNee
(01292) 441899
(01292) 260168
(01292) 800738
(01292) 267340
Parent and Toddler GroupTuesday
Weekly10.00 - 11.30 amMrs. Rhona Mortlock07527 521047
Presbytery GroupTuesdayFirst Monthly7.00 - 9.00 pmRev. Neil McNaught(01292) 441252
Quiet Time Prayer GroupThursdayWeekly10.30 - 11.15 amMrs. Joy Rivett(01292) 441670
Wednesday WorshipWednesday

Fortnightly, alternating with
Winter Coffee Morning

11.00 amRev. Neil McNaught(01292) 441252
Winter Coffee MorningsWednesday

1st and 3rd weeks
of each month from
October to March

10.30 - 11.30amMrs. Eileen Rosenburgh(01292) 443152
Youth ClubSunday

First and third Sunday
of each month

7.00 - 9.00 pmMr. Ken Donnelly(01292) 442919