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Life & Work is the magazine of the Church of Scotland. In its 127-year history it has established itself as the pre-eminent voice of the Church of Scotland. Though firmly rooted in the affairs of the Kirk, it also aims to cover a broad range of subjects of interest to church-goers, across the spectrum from international affairs and British political and social issues to science, ethics and the arts.
Every member of the Church receives one of these Newsletters each month from September to June informing them of what has gone on in the life of the Church over the previous month and telling of forthcoming events.
Free annual Magazine, given to each household in the parish in August - filled with stories, pictures, poems and general information relating to the lives of those living in Alloway. Also included is the up-to-date list of Church personnel for information purposes.
New Residents Welcome. Designed to welcome new residents to the parish.
Given to welcome new members when they join our Church

Presbytery Newslines
Relates what has happened in churches within the Presbytery of Ayr.