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Houldsworth Composite Miriam

Starting with the bottom layer this comprises six panels each representing women from the Bible with virtues shared by Sarah Abercromby, according to her husband.  The three on the left represent women from the Old Testament whilst the three on the right represent New Testament Women.


On the far left we have Miriam who had rescued her baby brother Moses from the river and who liked to dance and sing.

Next we find Ruth – thy God shall be my God.

Ruth was faithful to her mother-in-law Naomi as she returned to

Bethlehem.  By returning with Naomi, and marrying Boaz, Ruth became part of the lineage to King David and ultimately to Jesus' earthly father Joseph

Houldsworth Composite Ruth 20120718.jpg
Houldsworth Composite Hannah

The Old Testament section is completed with Hannah – who kept her promise to God that if she were granted a child bring him to serve the temple. So the ministry of Samuel came about,  In time Samuel anointed David as King of Israel.

This panel completes the Old Testament side of the window.

The New Testament section starts with Mary, sister of Martha. The scene is at Bethany in the week leading up to Jesus' crucifixion.  Mary sits listening to Jesus whilst her sister is busy making all the preparations needed to give hospitality to Jesus.  When Martha complains Jesus replies that  "Mary hath chosen that good part".

Houldsworth Composite Mary Martha 201207
Houldsworth Composite Mary Elizabeth 201

Next, strangely out of historical sequence with the other panels which progress from left to right, we have the expectant mother of Jesus, Mary - who did God's will is here seen visiting her cousin Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was herself pregnant with John the Baptist who would later baptise Jesus at the start of His ministry.

Finally from the Acts of the Apostles we have Dorcas of Joppa.  Dorcas was brought back to life by Peter.  She was a seamstress who did good works in making clothes for the widows and orhans in Joppa.  The tradition led to the formation of Dorcas Societies, initially in the Isle of Man during a cholera outbreak where they operated as a clothing equivalent of modern day Food Banks.  Her tradition spread to Scotland where "Women's" Guilds often contained a Dorcas Society.  The tradition lives on in Alloway where the "Knit and Natter" group knit hats and blankets for premature babies at Crosshouse Hospital. 

Houldsworth Composite Dorcas
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