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At the top of the window we see the dove returning to the Ark with an olive branch in its beak, a symbol of hope to Noah that the flood waters were subsiding. The rainbow is also there signalling God’s promise to us. The rain is shown as diagonal streaks to the left of Noah as we view the window.

As we move down the window we see on the right a mother and child, possibly Noah’s wife? On the left of Noah in yellow is a man praying and below him possibly a wife of one of Noah’s sons cradling an infant.

DSCN3169 enhanced 2.JPG

Below Noah we see a substantial looking Ark with the disembarking Noah family, complete with provisions to start a new life represented by the sheaf of grain and the baby lamb. We also see, representing the “two of each kind”, two deer and two domesticated dogs, complete with collars and leads.

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