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RB - 016 Greenfield Avenue

Cross back to Burns’ Cottage side of the road and carry on south until you come to the first road on the right. You are now in Greenfield Avenue which William Burnes was paid £50 to lay out.


There was an old road coming from Ayr’s Sandgate along the coast towards the river Doon. It then swung north towards the Auld Brig and to Maybole or further up the Ayr-Maybole road and on again as the Coal Road to Dalmellington past Mount Oliphant Farm.

RB - 017 Greenfield Avenue

The road from Burns’ Cottage car park to the west is now known as Greenfield Avenue, by which is a disused well about 7m south of the car park gate. This road was made up by William Burnes, then lodging at Doonside Mill, (proprietor John Crawford). It goes from Doonfoot Road to the road leading from the Slaphouse to the bridge of Doon, (the old road past Burns’ Cottage now replaced by the B7024). He was then, as his son says “a cottar howkin’ in a sheugh”, for he put Sergeant’s Burn into a culvert. On 7 June 1756 the Town Council Minutes record a payment to him for this work of ‘twelve pounds, ten shillings sterling’, an installment of the contract price of £50.


I am afraid to report that the current occupants of the houses in Greenfield Avenue complain about very wet garden grounds now!

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