Our Church has a partnership with Alloway and Doonfoot Primary Schools and Bandawe Primary and All Girls Secondary Schools in Malawi.  

The Partnership

Ayrshire Post Article 20th March 2019

Pop UK 2019 - Pupils from Alloway Primary School and Doonfoot Primary School sing their hearts at Alloway Parish Church.

In 2007, the Kirk Session of Alloway Parish Church set a priority to focus on Youth and Children’s Work, and appointed a Youth and Schools Worker.  The whole focus of the partnership is based on relationship and trust. 

The working relationship between Alloway and Doonfoot Primary Schools and Alloway Parish Church is seen as a pleasure and privilege by all of the staff involved.  The Schools Worker invites many members of the congregation to be a part of school life, and indeed the schools support the church.

Activities cover helping pupils to think about the importance of belief in our lives and in society, and also include fun and fellowship building. 

The congregation have made a financial investment into the schools by providing “Mission Weeks”.  Pupils have enjoyed the Scottish Bible Society Bibleworld Trailer, have learned about Creation through drama, crafts, games and storytelling with church members and also workers from Christian Aid and absolutely love taking part in Pop UK, when they learn and record seven pop songs with strong moral messages, sharing their talents at concerts for the whole community, in the church.

At the beginning of each session the head teachers plan together with the Schools Worker the support the church can offer to the curriculum, including assemblies and class visits, and an agreement for SU clubs is arranged.


One of the highlights of the school calendar is the powerful, sensitive and respectful observance of Remembrance Day and Holocaust Memorial Day.  For Remembrance P7 pupils investigate a name of one of the fallen in the village and at the service share their learning.  The whole community comes together; remembrance is in safe hands here in Alloway.  Mrs Butler at Alloway PS said, “The children have been empowered by the church, and now lead this service with such dignity and respect.”


Offering pastoral support for teaching staff, pupils and parent and carers, is a privilege.  Journeying through difficult, sad and testing times, as well as celebrating joyful events together will never be taken for granted.  Over the many years, signposting to outside agencies who can offer the best advice and support to each other is very much valued.  Prayerful support is always given.


The children are incredibly talented, and it is always well received when the school choirs, orchestra, and individuals come along to services to share their talents with the congregation, who love to share in the success of them all.