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RB - 035 Auld Nick's View

Just across the road is Auld Nick’s View – a good place to take a photograph.


I served as Property Committee Convener of Alloway Parish Church for several years and had to direct tradesmen to the side gate which is situated in “that little lane beside the Church’ running parallel to Murdoch’s Lone. Eventually in 1998 I decided that “that little lane beside the Church” should have a name as it had never had one.


All of the street names in the area have names alluding to Robert Burns so this lane had to fall into line. Looking up and down the lane, to the west there is a clear view of that winnock, (window), in the east gable of the auld haunted Kirk where “sat auld Nick in shape o’ beast”. To the east was a clear view of the Tam o’Shanter Experience, (now replaced by the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum). When Tam shouted out “weel done cutty sark” what else would Auld Nick do but look out of the window and view Tam o’Shanter’s Experience as he was being chased by the fiendish revelers. Thus ‘Auld Nick’s View’!

RB - 036 Auld Nick's View of Kirk Allowa
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