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Walk on over the Auld Brig, under the road bridge which is on the private road to Doonholm Estate, and turn right on the B7024. You will pass over the new bridge of Doon, built in 1816, and go into Alloway Parish Church if have not already done so.

Carry on north on the B7024 a little way before taking the first left past the Auld Kirk, straight down Shanter Way. Pass the bollards into Cambusdoon grounds and either go straight on to Greenfield Avenue or go down the steps to your left, at the end of the short fence, and enjoy a walk along the riverside path before joining the original path to Greenfield Avenue. Turn left. Near the bottom of the road you can walk for a view of Alloway Mill before retracing your steps to the road again.

RB - 053 Cambusdoon House
RB - 054 24 Alloway Mill

At the beginning of 1765 William Campbell opened a school at Alloway Mill on the river Doon about a mile from Alloway village, reached off the bottom of Greenfield Avenue. The undershot mill wheel, lade and workings are still extant, restored by the present owner who lives in this grand conversion. William Burnes promptly enrolled his sons at this school. However, only a few weeks later, when a job with prospects, and certainly better remuneration, turned up, William Campbell went off to Ayr to become master of the Workhouse.

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