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David Fowler McIntyre

David Fowler McIntyre.png

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Biblical allusion and reference to the person and family are included in this memorial to Group Captain David Fowler McIntyre

(1905 - 1957).

The central figure of Moses symbolizes leadership, faith, a lawgiver and one who brokenew ground for his people.  Coming from a family of shipbuilders David went on to help found Scottish Aviation at Prestwick Airport.  The biplane recalls the flight over Everest in 1933 in which he piloted one of the planes.

The artist is James A. Crombie, A.R.C.A., then working at the Abbey Studio, Cowgate, Edinburgh, of which company Robert Douglas McLundie was managing director.  It was installed in 1959.

A very similar styled central figure is seen in the Sibbald Window, installed in 1956 at Crathie.  It also was designed by

James A. Crombie

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