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In the Book of Revelation it seems that the twelve fruit mentioned should be taken in the context of "A new heaven and a new earth" and that they would not necessarily be representatives of the "old earth".  However, in this window they represent a mixture of fruits that can be found in either or both of Ayrshire and the Holy Land.

Lemon and Grape.JPG
Pomegranite Currant and Pear.JPG

At the top of the window, and representing Jesus as the the true vine,

we have a bunch of grapes.

Below the grapes and to the left we find a lemon.

Orage and Cherry.JPG

Below the grapes and to the right appear to be currants and below those we have a pomegranate and a pear.

Fig and Plum.JPG

Below the lemon we have cherries and an orange.

Below the pomegranate we have a fig with its distinctive leaves and either plums or damsons.

Dates on tree of life.JPG
Apple and Olive.JPG
Teacher and pupils.JPG
River of Life and wild flowers.JPG

Below the orange we see a bunch of dates.

Finally below the fig we find a couple of apples and some olives.

Mary Cubie was known as a particularly caring teacher. So here we find a picture representing teachers and the scene is a peaceful one.  In the riverside meadow the teacher is shown adopting a protective pose towards her two young charges.

At the very bottom of window we have a simple inscription and flowers growing alongside the "water of life".  Particularly note the forget-me-not symbolising remembrance.

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