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The two quatrefoils present us with a puzzle. The four lobes of each quatrefoil the have eleven characters on, the top, right and left lobes having three characters each whilst the bottom lobes have only two. The lower levels of the window divide between the Old and New Testament  with the Old Testament Characters and scenes on the left and those for the New Testament on the right.  At this level however it appears that the the left quatrefoil contains the eleven faithful disciples of Jesus.

Looking at the left quatrefoil

Houldsworth Quadrafoil left 201200719con

The top lobe shows three characters, the central character with red robes is holding a chalice containing a serpent which is normally associated with St John the evangelist. There are few clues to the identity of the other two characters.

Houldsworth Quadrafoil left 201200719c s
Houldsworth Quadrafoil left 201200719c l

The left lobe also contains three characters, there are clues to the identity of two of these. The central character in a green robe has what appears to be a red diagonal cross behind him, this is likely to be St Andrew. The character to his left who is half hidden is holding out a collecting box perhaps indicating St Matthew / Levi. There seems little to help identify the third character.

Houldsworth Quadrafoil left 201200719c s

The right hand lobe again has three characters, the foreground figure in a purple robe is holding a representation of the paschal lamb but this is open to several interpretations.  John the Baptist is sometimes seen with this symbol, though he was not one of the twelve disciples.  A less obvious possibility would be that it represents the charge that Jesus gave to Peter - "Feed my sheep".  The third figure is largely obscured.

Houldsworth Quadrafoil left 201200719ci

The bottom lobe only contains two figures which raises the significance of only having eleven figures in each of the two quatrefoils, this idea is repeated in the top layer of the window and will be considered there. The figure to the left with a white robe covering a golden cassock, a white bird is sitting on his kight hand. Like the lamb there is no single obvious candidate from the bird.  The figure to the right is carrying a building which may suggest Thomas as the patron saint of architects.  For comparison with images from elsewhere click on "Details" below.

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