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A Divine Quiz

Rev. David engaged the children this week with a captivating quiz. On the big screen, they enthusiastically guessed images ranging from the delightful Peppa Pig to the iconic Harry Potter. The congregation erupted in laughter when the children, including Rev. Neil McNaught's own granddaughter, failed to recognise a picture of Rev. Neil himself. And when a child mistook an image for God and was told it was actually Jesus, it laid the foundation for a deeper discussion about identity.

Rev. David, a dedicated Kilmarnock football team supporter, father, grandfather, and the Church’s Family and School’s worker, broached the subject of identity, leading us seamlessly to Jesus's query, "Who am I?" Through church and Sunday school, both the young and old inch closer to understanding Jesus and God, a journey of discovery that extends beyond a single Sunday.

Shifting from the quiz to more profound questions about foundation and identity, Rev. Neil drew our attention to the intriguing tale of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This renowned landmark, never intended to tilt, stands as a testament to the importance of a solid foundation, both in architecture and in our lives. Just as relationships are grounded in love, trust, and commitment, our faith too requires a sturdy foundation.

Taking us back in time, in the religious heartland of Caesarea Philippi, Jesus once asked his disciples, "Who do people say that I am?" The variety of answers mirrored the myriad perspectives people hold on Jesus even today. The importance of identity was emphasised further with a light-hearted mention of the many roles Rev. Neil McNaught plays in his life.

However, amidst the varied responses, it was Peter's answer that illuminated the congregation. Recognising Jesus as "the Christ, the Son of the Living God," he underscored the true essence of Jesus's identity. Christ, in its richness, signifies anointment, blessing, and divine selection. This revelation reminds us of the importance of recognising the foundational truths of our faith amidst a world of diverse beliefs.

A gentle, nostalgic turn mentioned the late Michael Parkinson. While many might fondly remember his in-depth interviews, some would undoubtedly chuckle over his unexpected encounter with an emu. It beckons us to wonder: how will we be remembered? Beyond our life's antics and achievements, will our legacy reflect the teachings of Jesus and their impact on us?

Throughout, from the quiz to the insightful sermon, the quest for identity, understanding, and foundation was evident. In life, as we seek to understand, it's essential to remember that sometimes the answers aren't immediate. It's the journey of seeking and learning that brings us closer to understanding. As we go about our week, may we cherish the lessons of kindness, forgiveness, and the continuous pursuit of understanding.

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