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An Abundance of Care - A Holiday Club Special

We had a truly remarkable week in the heart of our congregation. Our Children’s Holiday Club, focusing on the parables of Jesus, was a feast of joy, learning and fellowship. It saw the participation of 21 of our precious little ones – Emily, Penny, Ellie, Jake, Eva, Alexander, Anna, Lucy, and many more. This joyous occasion was led by Rev. David, who masterfully unfolded the profound lessons woven within the parables.

Each day of the week, the children looked at a parable, examining its meaning and relevance. We dived into the Parable of the Sower, discussing the importance of being like the good earth, receptive and fruitful to the seeds of wisdom sown by Jesus. We learnt about the two builders - the wise and the foolish, emphasising the significance of making prudent decisions, grounded in the teachings of God.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan came next, underscoring the essence of compassion and kindness. Our little ones resonated with the idea of being like the Good Samaritan, reaching out and aiding those in need. We also explored the story of the lost sheep, appreciating how each one of us is precious in the eyes of God, just as the farmer who lost one sheep out of a hundred would not rest until he found it.

The grand finale was the Parable of the Great Feast, which brought about a celebration of inclusivity and sharing. The children relished the feast they prepared with sandwiches, biscuits, cake, fruit, topped off with an ice lolly. As they sat around a hastily-prepared banquet table mirroring the parable's joyful inclusivity, it reminded us that all are welcome at God's table.

The enthusiasm of the children was infectious. Their joyous 'YES!!!' when asked if they enjoyed the Holiday Club is still ringing in our ears. The photographs of the activities they enjoyed all week with radiant smiles and cheerful participation remind us of the vibrant spirit of the Holiday Club.

It wasn't just the children who learned valuable lessons this week. The adults too, inspired by the parables explored and the readings from Psalms and Matthew, reflected on the idea of 'An Abundance of Care.'

Rev. David's thought-provoking address encouraged us to embody compassion, even when times are tough, as Jesus did in the story of the feeding of the 5,000. Despite the pain of losing his dear friend John the Baptist, Jesus showed immense compassion and care towards the people who followed him. His actions inspire us to show an abundance of care, even amidst personal adversity.

Taking inspiration from Psalm 145, Rev. David encouraged us to strive to be gracious, compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The aim is to be good to all, trustworthy and faithful – not an easy task, but a worthwhile endeavour. It’s not just about ticking these off our ‘to do’ list; it’s about making these values a way of life, even when it seems most challenging.

The joy of our children during the Holiday Club and the reflections of the adults in the congregation created a beautiful symphony of faith, learning and community spirit. As we journey onwards, we strive to embody the lessons we learned, showing an abundance of care to everyone we encounter, just as the parables of Jesus teach us.

Indeed, the power of parables lies not only in their simplicity and relatability but also in their ability to inspire change, to encourage us to be more Christ-like in our daily lives. And our journey through the parables during this memorable Holiday Club week showed us just how transformative these timeless stories can be.

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