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An Apple a Day the Trinity Way

Remember the journey we embarked upon over three months ago? Like spiritual adventurers, we journeyed through Lent, traced the footsteps of Jesus during Holy Week, celebrated His resurrection on Easter Morning, and commemorated His ascension to heaven. And let’s not forget last week’s Pentecost celebration, where we honoured the Holy Spirit’s arrival.

Now, here we are, at a significant milestone in our spiritual journey - Trinity Sunday. Yes, it's that unique day in the Church calendar when we discuss a special doctrine of faith, The Trinity.

The Trinity, you ask? Yes, indeed! It might seem like a tricky concept to wrap our heads around. But fear not, as we've had our fantastic, Rev. David (who definitely did NOT take a detour to Troon this morning), guiding us along the way!

This Trinity Sunday, he offered us a splendid explanation of The Trinity. And what did he use to simplify this complex doctrine for us? An apple! As he held up the apple for us all to see, he peeled it and sliced it in half, revealing the seeds nestled inside.

With this simple act, it illustrated the Trinity in a way that even our youngest worshippers could understand. "The skin of the apple," he explained, "is like God the Father, protecting us. The flesh of the apple is like God the Son, because Jesus took on human flesh. The seeds, they're like God the Holy Spirit, helping us to grow." Then, with a gentle smile, he handed out apples to the children to take with them to Sunday School.

What a brilliant way to bring the Trinity to life!

So, with our trusty apple as a guide, let's explore the concept of The Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit together form the Trinity - a divine triad bound together by love. This Trinity Sunday, we're focusing on that universal language that binds us all - love!

Remember those powerful stories from the Bible? They tell of God's enduring love for us. This love remained constant, even when the people turned away. It's like the protective skin of an apple - always there, wrapping us in care and protection. This is the love of God the Father.

Then comes God the Son, our Jesus, who lived and died as one of us, all out of love. Just like the flesh of an apple, Jesus took on human flesh to be with us, and for us.

And now, God's love continues with the Holy Spirit, present in our lives like the apple seeds, nurturing us and helping us grow.

As we venture into the coming week, let's carry the divine love of the Trinity with us. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are like that apple - whole and unified, each part contributing to our understanding and experience of God's love.

Take this love into the world. Spread it through small acts of kindness and joy. As Rev. David reminded us, we are all called to express this love. Be it a kind word, a loving deed, or just sharing the story of God's love and the journey of the Trinity with others.

You're never alone in this journey. The Holy Spirit, like the seeds within the apple, is always with you, encouraging you to grow and flourish in love and goodness. And we're all here for each other, supporting and cheering each other on in our divine mission.

Remember this beautiful message about the love from the Trinity. God the Father, who protects us like the skin of an apple, God the Son, who lived among us like the apple's flesh, and God the Holy Spirit, who helps us grow like the seeds within the apple.

You are cherished and loved by God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Take this love, share it, and let it grow in the world.

Until next week, stay blessed, be kind, and keep shining. We're eagerly awaiting our next Sunday gathering, ready to share more love, more stories, and, who knows, maybe even more apples!

Amen, and may God's love fill your hearts and homes until we meet again!

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