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Our Perennial Harvest

Ever wonder how Jesus assembled his loyal band of disciples? It wasn't from a pool of distinguished scholars or the well-heeled elite. Goodness no! Jesus selected the everyday folk - the fishermen, the tax collectors, and the robust farmhands.

Let's consider Jean-Francois Millet's renowned painting, "The Gleaners". This painting captures a simple scene of three women gleaning the remnants from a harvest field. Ordinary, you might say? Yet, there lies the extraordinary beauty. Imagine these humble gleaners as the disciples of Jesus. Common people, engaged in common tasks, but filled with a most uncommon faith.

Here's the rub: the disciples didn't restrict their mission to the synagogue or the temple. They ventured out. Much like standing at a crossroad sign, sometimes we must choose the road less travelled, encounter new faces, and discover hidden treasures. Isn't life rather similar?

Now, here's a little something to tickle your curiosity. Did you know that 74% of people discovered their faith through friends and family? Indeed, over two-thirds found their spiritual path not within grand cathedrals, but in the cosy familiarity of loved ones.

Our opportunity to make a meaningful difference, our "harvest", might be right under our noses. It could be among our family, our friends, our coworkers, or our schoolmates. We've all been perched atop a treasure trove without even realising it! Each one of us is called to make a difference, to be the gleaners in our own fields.

Speaking of gleaners, have you heard the good news about our very own Simon Mann? Accepted to train for local ministry, he's located his harvest, and we couldn't be more chuffed! A reminder that there's always a new grain to pick, a goal to strive for, another soul to uplift.

So here's to a week abundant with unexpected blessings, novel paths, and insightful gleanings. Where will your next adventure take you? Perhaps to your kitchen, the local park, or even the schoolyard. Let's see what remarkable harvest we can reap from our everyday lives. Standing at the crossroad sign? Choose the path to the unexpected and let's reap the rewards together!

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