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The Journey of Moses

As we continue our exploration of life's journey, we turn to an iconic figure from the Bible, whose life journey epitomises faith, resilience, and divine guidance. It's the enduring story of Moses, wonderfully narrated by Rev. David.

Last week, we compared life's journey to a playful adventure around the church, filled with unexpected delights and challenges. This week, we delved deeper into understanding that life, much like Moses' journey, is a series of highs and lows navigated with faith and perseverance.

David started the day with a marvellous surprise for our youngsters. In his trusted bag was a captivating object lesson relating to Moses' extraordinary journey from Egypt to Israel. The children listened in awe as he unfolded the story of Moses, whose path was blocked by the formidable Red Sea. However, God instructed Moses to hold up his staff and wave his hand across the water, creating a path for Moses and his people.

David then demonstrated a trick with a cup of water from his bag, where the water seemingly disappeared! His demonstration left the children amazed and eager for more, proving that learning can indeed be fun and engaging.

Turning to the adults, Rev. David drew parallels between Moses' journey and our life experiences. He reminded us that God chose Moses to lead His people from bondage, despite Moses' flaws and mistakes. This thought is incredibly comforting. It means that, irrespective of our flaws, we too can be chosen for higher purposes - a true testament to divine love and acceptance!

Reflecting on Moses' life, we realised that he faced several hurdles and challenges. But the key was his resilience and unwavering faith in God. This tenacity is something we all can imbibe in our life's journey. After all, aren't we all travellers navigating our paths filled with unexpected twists and turns?

Another striking point from Moses' story was his constant interaction with God. Moses held regular 'conversations' with God, seeking guidance and expressing his concerns. This beautiful relationship between Moses and God underscores the importance of maintaining consistent communication with higher guidance, a practice we can incorporate in our daily lives.

Last week, David had us chuckling as he light-heartedly recalled the time when he was put on a wrong plane! Just as he managed to navigate his way despite being led astray, Moses, too, persevered despite the obstacles, embodying the lesson that with faith, we can always find our way.

Despite leading the Israelites out of Egypt and being entrusted with God's commandments, Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land due to a moment of disobedience. This powerful lesson reminds us of the importance of obedience to God's commands, no matter how difficult they may be.

The beauty of these tales is in their timelessness. The lessons we draw from Moses' life are as applicable today as they were centuries ago. And as we step forward in our journeys, we can find solace in these stories of faith and endurance.

So, friends, as we continue our life's journey, let's remember the lessons from Moses' journey. Let's strive for obedience, keep our faith during hardships, and remember that we all have a unique purpose. Let's also ensure that we take the time to communicate with each other, share our worries and seek guidance.

Keep holding on, keep persevering, and don't forget - something wonderful - maybe a colourful pen awaits us at the next stop in our life journey.

We look forward to exploring the final part of our three-week series next week, where we'll delve into the incredible journey of the Apostle Paul. Stay tuned, keep the faith and let us continue this exciting adventure of life's journey!

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