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The Woman at the Well

This week’s sermon was about the importance of water and its role in sustaining life, both physically and spiritually. Neil shared his personal experience of being dehydrated and the relief that came with drinking water. He then went on to discuss the story of Jesus meeting a woman at a well in Samaria, breaking down social barriers and demonstrating that the kingdom of God is open to everyone.

The sermon focused on three main themes: the unexpected pathway, the unexpected place, and the unexpected person. Jesus takes an unexpected path through Samaria, an arduous and rocky journey, which leads to the unexpected place of a well where he meets the unexpected person, a Samaritan woman who has been shunned by her community. Through this encounter, Jesus breaks down barriers and demonstrates that the kingdom of God is open to all who seek it.

The message highlights the importance of taking the road less travelled, being honest and truthful in our actions and words, and breaking down the barriers of prejudice and intolerance. It reminds us that the kingdom of God is open to everyone, regardless of their background or past mistakes, and that we are all called to come and drink from the water of life.

To view an abridged version of the full address click below:

Woman at the Well - Address
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