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Whose Footprints? A Revealing Journey

Have you ever noticed your footprints on a sandy beach or in a muddy garden after the rain? They can tell people a lot about us, like how big our feet are, and even the way we walk!

The children played a game, guessing whose footprints were in some black and white pictures. We had everything from a rabbit and a dinosaur to a bear, a deer, and even two sets of human footprints! But the last footprint was a special one; it was said to be the last one left by Jesus before He ascended to heaven.

Ascension might sound like a tricky word, but it simply means going up. In this case, it's when Jesus went up to heaven. Don't worry if it seems hard to understand. Sometimes, the best stories are filled with a bit of mystery!

So why does this ascension story matter? It reminds us of three things that all start with the letter 'P': Power, Promise, and Presence.

  1. Power: Jesus' ascension tells us about His power. Just like He had power to go up to heaven, He has power over our world. So even when things feel out of control, we can remember that Jesus is in charge.

  2. Promise: Jesus also made a promise before He ascended. He promised to send the Holy Spirit to us, so we could share His love and kindness with others. That's a pretty cool promise, isn't it?

  3. Presence: Even though Jesus ascended to heaven, He is still with us all the time through the Holy Spirit. So even if we're feeling alone or scared, we can remember that Jesus is always with us.

This brings us back to footprints and that lovely poem about seeing only one set of footprints in the sand during tough times? It's comforting to know that when life gets tough and we see only one set of footprints, it's because Jesus is carrying us.

We don't need to go all the way to the Mount of Olives to see Jesus's last footprint. He's right here with us, walking beside us every day.

The next time you see your footprints, remember the footprints of Jesus, and His power, promise, and presence in your life. So, keep walking and keep leaving those beautiful footprints behind!"

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