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Grapevines  LCWilson.jpg

At the top and around the sides of the window

are vines bearing grapes. 

These remind us that Jesus is the true vine
and that we are its branches.

Hands with stars  LCWilson.jpg

The central feature of the window is the risen Jesus;
here we see His hands with stars replacing the marks
of His crucifixion.

Lamb  LCWilson.jpg

To the left of Jesus' waist we see a lamb representing Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb of God, Agnus Dei, who takes away the sin of the world.

Bread & Wine  LCWilson.jpg

To the right of Jesus' waist, partly hidden by His arm we see a chalice and a loaf.  These represent the blood and body of Christ in the Communion Service by which we remember Christ's sacrifice for us.

PICT0446 adjusted to show yellow letteri

Jesus' feet, like His hands, have stars replacing the crucifixion marks.

LCWilson Bottom of Window.jpg

At the foot of the window we see the scene from Luke 24:10 where Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of Jesus and Joanna enter the tomb to be confronted with an angel. 

The angel, sitting on Jesus' grave clothes and alongside the "crown of thorns", is pointing up towards the risen Jesus with the caption "He is risen". 

Above this scene we see the message "Peace be unto you".

LCWilson Mary Mary & Joanna.jpg
Grapevines 2  LCWilson.jpg

Detail of the grapes on the vine.

Detail of the women carrying vessels containing

the embalming fluids as they enter the tomb.

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