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RB - 029 Grave of Keith Dunlop
RB - 030 Grave of John Tennant
RB - 031 Grave of John Tennant

Turning to the west wall we see the gravestone marking the last resting place of Keith Dunlop, the youngest daughter of Mrs. Frances Dunlop, Burns’ great confidante, born 31 Jan 1722, died 02 Aug 1858. Turning to the north face of the Church, looking through another grill door we see the memorial sarcophagus resting place of David Cathcart, Lord Alloway who was born in 1764, son of Elias Cathcart, a successful wine merchant in Ayr.


If we take a sharp left at the second row of gravestones from the end of the building we come to a remarkably detailed gravestone, obviously commemorating a blacksmith – with the horse, hammer and tongs and so on. This is the grave of John Tennant, Blacksmith of Alloway. However, this one died in 1748. It was a later relation whose wife helped deliver Burns. He was John Tennant who was smith until 1806 and who was succeeded by his son and grandson.

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