The Burns Monument was designed in a Greek revival style by Edinburgh architect Thomas Hamilton in 1818 and dedicated with full Masonic honours in 1823. Hamilton designed a similar monument for Edinburgh. (Too similar some of the subscribers in Edinburgh thought at the time).


The opening was somewhat overshadowed by the death of Sir Alexander Boswell of Auchinleck, who had acted as convener of Trustees and who was killed in a duel before the project was completed.

The monument stands 70 feet high. The triangular base represents the old divisions of Ayrshire; Cunningham, Carrick and Kyle, while the circular temple with 9 Corinthian columns represents the 9 muses, those goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences: Calliope – Epic Poetry; Clio – History; Erato – Erotic Poetry; Euterpe – Lyric Poetry; Melpomene – Tragedy; Polyhymnia – Sacred Song; Terpsichore – Dancing; Thalia – Comedy; Urania – Astronomy. All close to Burns’ heart!


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