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Go out of the back garden gate to the road. You are now on the old road from the mouth of the Doon, past the Auld Brig and can either go down along the river to Doonside Mill or uphill again to skirt Alloway mote and on to Maybole on to the Coal Road past Mount Oliphant.

RB - 049 Doonside Mill

From the Auld Brig, looking upstream, you get a good view of Doonside Mill, where Burns’ father lodged and downstream you can see the Brig O’Doon House Hotel, the new road bridge and beyond that the railway bridge on the right of which is Mungo’s Well.

Looking to our right we see Burns Monument and the Statue House in the south sloping Burns Monument Gardens. On your left the road over the bridge allows pedestrians to walk the B7024, old Maybole Road. The river Doon below is a good salmon river.

RB - 050 Brig O'Doon House Hotel
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